Other Tips that may make life easier using your eeePC.

Opening a file on your eeePC
- Click on the file you want to open
- Browse
- in the left column choose "File System"
- (right column) Click "usr" open
- (right column) Click "bin" open
- (right column) Click "soffice"
Check the box - Do this automatically for files like this from now on.

Saving a file to your eeePC from a wiki or webpage
- Click on the file you want to open
- Click "save"

What if the recording is not working in Voicethread
- make sure all updates have been performed
- shut down your eeePC and restart

Firefox Extensions: There are a multitude of extensions you can add to firefox. I would recommend first updating Firefox to version 3.x (under your software updates), then you can visit https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/. One you might consider is Classic Compact, which shrinks your Firefox toolbars to give you more vertical space in your browser.

Firefox Preferences: You may want to consider changing the following preferences in Firefox (Edit-->Preferences).
  • Main Tab: Consider setting the start page to something useful for your classes (class web page, school web page, etc.). For example, at AHS the eee's will be shared with multiple classes and teachers, so it needs to be a page that works for everyone. We use a common "start page" of http://www.lps.k12.co.us/schools/arapahoe/start.htm.
  • Privacy Tab: Since the student machines will be shared machines for many of us, consider the following changes. Under history, uncheck all three choices. Under Private Data, choose Always clear my private data and uncheck Ask me before clearing private data. This will help keep students from being able to access each other's browsing history and password protected sites. But keep in mind that students will need to be very conscientious about logging out of things like email, etc. before exiting the browser.
  • Security Tab: Uncheck Remember passwords for sites. This will keep Firefox from asking to remember passwords which, again, in a shared login environment, is a bad thing.

Favorites Tab: You can customize the Favorites Tab to place the commonly used applications all in one place. Click on Customize and add any of the applications you want.

Instant Keys: There are two instant keys on your keyboard that you can set to open any application you'd like. The keys are located above the F5 and F6 keys, and you customize them under the Settings Tab-->Instant Key. Click on the change button (has double arrows on it) and navigate and find the application you want to assign to that particular key.

In Firefox to get "Full Screen" = F11

Turn Off Automatic Updates: Once you've installed the initial set of updates, you may want to turn off the automatic updates (particularly on student machines) so that that message doesn't constantly pop up. Settings-->Add/Remove Software, then choose Preferences, then uncheck Check for Updates automatically and check Only show the taskbar icon when attention is needed.

Switching the Right Shift Key with the Up Arrow Key
We have a procedure that allows you to make the current up arrow key function like the shift key, and the right shift key function like the up arrow key (because the up arrow key is where you expect the shift key to be and it messes up touch typists). You can also physically switch the key caps to match that if you wish. Please see Dana or Randy for help with the procedure to do this.