Your group has been chosen by a multi-billionaire to decide which of the five people he has chosen will receive his annual gift of one million dollars. Only one person can be chosen: The money cannot be divided. You should realize that all these people need and deserve the money. You must decide which one is most worthy. In order to reach a decision, you may have to compromise and change your opinion, but be sure the final decision is one that you have all worked out together. You will have 30 minutes to come to a decision. The following descriptions are the only information you will have to work with:

1. A fifty-year-old research scientist, who other scientists say is close to discovering a cure for cancer, is penniless and cannot continue his work.
2. A thirty-year-old widow, whose eight year-old child needs three more operations to correct a birth defect, is in debt $20,000.00 from the first operation.
3. A forty-two-year old carpenter with a wife and six children cannot work for eight months because of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.
4. A thirty-five-year old woman will have to close the orphanage she runs for 100 children, because the accountant for the orphanage embezzled all the funds and disappeared.
5. A very talented twenty-six-year old painter must have the most expensive eye operation or he’ll go blind.