Connect eeePC to power for faster use.
Initial Bootup:

Accept license, choose keyboard layout, login: [School name], put in password [mascot], select auto login, choose time zone, click Finish.

Setup Wireless: Internet Tab, Wireless Networks, LPS-PODNET-1 strongest signal, enable wireless checked, connect.

Open Web, accept the AUP.

Configure Web: Internet Tab, launch Web, accept AUP if necessary, Edit-Preferences:

Main: Change start page to:

Bookmark your email. Littleton: HTTPS://

Privacy . Edit>Setting>Privacy
Check Remember visited pages for 2 days, uncheck forms/search and downloaded

Check always clear my private data when I close Firefox, uncheck ask me

Passwords – uncheck remember passwords for sites, then Close Attempt Software Update: Settings,

Add/Remove Software, let it check for updates, Settings and Updates tab for system updates, try installing important system updates. Also click Preferences, turn off check for updates automatically, automatically download. Check Only show the taskbar icon when attention is required.

Volume: Settings Tab, turn both Volume and Mic all the way up

StarOffice: Work Tab, launch Documents, accept license, etc, don’t register. Tools-Options, expand

Load/Save, click General – change text to Word, spreadsheet to Excel, Presentation to PowerPoint 97/2000/XP.

Videos of students demonstrating these processes