Why Collaborative Writing?
-Peer Coaching
-Less Work for Teacher
-Classroom Environment
Why Google Docs?

When you are working in a group, what role do you best fill? Leader, follower, slacker. Why do you fill this role? Do you trust the people around you to do their job? How do you feel about Cooperative Learning Groups?

CHOOSE ROLES--Assign tasks that allow for fair division of labor; Each group member must make an equal contribution; Devise a plan of action; Majority vote to dismiss a member who is not carrying a fair share; Type up action plan--who's doing what-submit to Moritz

ASSIGNMENTS—Across curriculum, across grade level, multiple levels of skill

EXAMPLE--“A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” Chris Crutcher
Questions I want to be answered in the essay:
How does the writing—descriptive phrases, comparisons, etc. create a main feeling or tone in the short story?
How has special attention to figures of speech like metaphor, similes, humor add to the writing.
What other style techniques does the author incorporate in his works to make this essay good?

Create your group google doc. Be sure to invite your teacher: mmoritz@lps.k12.co.us
Submit Action Plan
The Million Dollar Challenge
Questions I want to be answered in the essay:
Of the five candidates, which do you feel deserves the money?
Why do they deserve the money above the others?
If your candidate is given the money, how many people will this effect?
Why is your groups proposal better than the others? Why should you ultimately be able to decide who gets the money?