What's Diigo?

Diigo does lots and lots and lots of things, and it can be overwhelming, so we're just going to touch on what I think are the three most useful (and easily accessible to beginners) functions of Diigo:

  1. Online/Social Bookmarking (ignore the delicious specific stuff, it's the same idea), Tagging and Linking
  2. Annotating (for example, this page)
  3. Groups

Steps to Get Started

  • Go to Diigo.
  • Follow the instructions for creating an account.
  • As part of creating that account it will probably asking you about inviting friends. While you don't have to do this, it's going to eventually be helpful to have at least two Diigo friends (you can't make public annotations until you have two Diigo friends). You can invite others from this session, you can invite me (karlfisch {at} gmail {dot} com), you can access your email address book to look for folks you know who are already on Diigo, or you can invite other folks you know by entering their email address. If you get a friend invitation from someone else you know, go ahead and accept it. If you don't want to do this or can't find anyone to invite, don't worry about it.
  • After you've finished creating your account and inviting friends, please install the Diigo toolbar in your browser of choice. It's safe, and you can easily uninstall it later if you wish.
  • Once you have your Diigo account created and the toolbar installed, make sure you're signed in to the Diigo Toolbar. You'll probably automatically be signed in but, if you're not, the toolbar will say Diigo - Sign In. Click on it and enter your info, and then you'll see the full Diigo Toolbar.

A Few Links

Just a few links to get you started but, really, the best way to explore Diigo is to use it.

This video gives a nice overview. Keep in mind that Diigo keeps changing/improving, so some of the toolbar buttons are probably different now as compared to when the video was made.

Karl's Diigo Bookmarks
Karl's Diigo Bookmarks tagged Diigo (is this meta-diigo?)
Highlighting Tutorial
Sticky Note Tutorial
Bookmarking Tutorial
How To Guide
Nice List of Other Diigo Tutorials