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If you do NOT have a Blogger (Google) account start by clicking here.

A Quick Tutorial


Blogger Quick Start Guide

How Do I Edit My Posts
Once you have created a post you have the ability to edit the contents of that post. Click here to learn how to edit your blog posts.

Comment Moderation
When using a blog as part of your classroom activities, one of the most important features for you to enable is "Comment Moderation". This allows you, as the teacher, to preview and approve any comments made by your students BEFORE they go live on your blog. The will help you prevent inappropriate comments and/or "cyberbullying" incidents. Click here to learn how to enable the comment moderation feautres of your blog. IMPORTANT NOTE: With comment moderation turned on you have the ability to Approve or Reject a comment made to your blog BUT users do not have the ability to edit the comments they have made.

Customizing Your Blog
Once you have mastered adding posts to your blog and moderating the comments you may want to add some expanded functionality and "glitz" to your class blog. Click here to learn how to customize the layout and add Google widgets to your blog.

Using Blogs in the Classroom
As you begin to explore blogs for writing you may wonder how can I utilize a blog with my students. The following document will give you a place to start in imagining the possibilities for blogs and your students.

Teacher Blog Examples
Wilder - Tanya Friessen
Newton - Jill Mack
Twain - Kevin Watanabe
Arapahoe - Anne Smith
Options - Student Art Blogs
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